Time Now Offers GSB-88

Time Striping proudly announces the addition of GSB-88 to its list of high quality pavement surface treatments. 

GSB-88 is manufactured by Asphalt Systems Inc. (ASI) which has been in the sole business in offering unique and performance driven asphalt preservation products for over 40 years.  ASI is the exclusive manufacturer and owner of the industry recognized GSB (gilsonite sealer/binder) product line.  Gilsonite is a major part of this process because of its unique properties; it is unrefined asphalt with beneficial properties that are unmatched in the market place. 

GSB-88 is a Green Circle Certified product which is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, contains no coal tar, has only trace amounts of VOC emissions, and is non-flammable, making GSB-88 the most environmentally friendly choice on the market.