Traffic Control / Guide Signs

Traffic Control Rentals

Time Striping Inc. is the largest full service traffic control company in Arkansas with offices in Van Buren and Little Rock. We offer traffic control sales ( and the largest selection of traffic control devices in the state. All of our traffic control setup/takedown crews are experienced, trained and ATSSA certified.


Overhead & Guide Sign Structures

Time Striping has an entire dedicated team of technicians with all the special equipment necessary to provide and install whatever custom Overhead Guide Signs the specific needs of the project require.  Our crews cover an extensive area ranging from all of Arkansas, to southern Louisiana, to northern Oklahoma, from western Tennessee, and to northern Texas, and more.


Roadside Mount Guide Signs

Time Striping uses aluminum extruded panel signs, which are composed of multiple 12" extruded panels bolted together to form the size required.   When necessary, a 6" panel is also available.   The face of the extruded panels can be covered with a variety of materials ranging from a high performance reflective sheeting to a non-reflective paint.


Sign Sales

All of our signs are made using Nippon Carbide (Nikkalite) Brand sign sheeting. We also make custom signs, banners, decals, magnets, vehicle wraps and fleet graphics.

The types we use are as follows:

Type II  SEG Grade , which exceeds the minimum reflectivity requirements, and is visible up to 500 ft.

Type III ULG Grade, which is visible up to 1000 ft.

Type VIII & IX CRYSTAL Grade , which is visible up to 1500 ft.